Palo Alto– Math Fun at Yogurtland!

Heading to Palo Alto’s Yogurtland  on University Avenue anytime soon? Buying yogurt can be a great opportunity to give your kids some extra math practice, and make math fun at the same time! Here are some questions you can ask your math loving kids to make them earn their yogurt!

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by ohsarahrose on flickr

by ohsarahrose on flickr

2nd-3rd Graders:

  • If each ounce of yogurt costs 37 cents, and you buy 2 ounces of yogurt, how much will your yogurt cost? What if you buy 3 ounces? Or 4?
  • How many flavors are offered at the Palo Alto Yogurtland? How many of those flavors are fruit flavored? Do you know how to write this as a fraction?
  • If your parents say you can have a 5 ounce yogurt with toppings, and your yogurt weighs 3.5 ounces, how many ounces of toppings can you get?

4th-6th Graders:

  • If 66.66% of your 9 ounce frozen yogurt is yogurt, how many ounces of toppings do you have?
  • Each ounce of frozen yogurt costs 37 cents. If your yogurt totaled to $2.59, how many ounces of yogurt did you buy? Round your answer to the nearest thousandth.
  • Challenge: Every day, I go to downtown Palo Alto to get myself frozen yogurt. The first day, I go to Yogurtland, but don’t buy anything (0 ounces).  I choose how many ounces I buy according to the Fibbonaci Sequence (0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13…). . How many ounces of frozen yogurt will I buy on the 14th day? (A: 233) How many will I buy on the 21st day? (A: 6765)

Some creative math fun like this will make a trip like this not only tasty, but also educational! Enjoy your yogurt, and enjoy learning math in Palo Alto!

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~ Mathin’ Catherine