Redwood City Burger Math

Burgers are considered the most American food ever. They can be found almost anywhere in the country, including right here in Redwood City. There are several burger joints in Redwood City, such as Five Guys, the Patty Shack, In n Out, Johnny Rockets, and Refuge.


I’m sure if you looked around, you would find more places near Redwood City serving this classic dish ! And if you don’t eat beef, there are many types of burgers nowadays: including turkey burgers, veggie burgers, and even black bean burgers.


Because this food is so popular, everyone can relate to burger math. What is burger math, you ask? Well, burger math is very important! Before you order your burger, you must do burger math to figure out how much food you are getting, and how much your burger will cost. Let’s try out some burger math in Redwood City now!

Burger Math Problems

  • You are given 3 burger choices at the Redwood City burger joint you are at. A 1/2 pound burger for $11, a 1/3 pound burger for $8.50, and a 1/4 pound burger for $7. Which burger is the least money per pound? (A: The largest option, of course! Now you have to figure out which that is…)
  • You are allowed 2 toppings for free, and each additional topping is 75 cents more. You get 5 toppings. How much do your toppings cost total.
  • All of the burgers you and your family get cost $54.30 total. Because the service at Redwood City burger joints is exceptional. you decide to give an 18% tip. How much do you tip?

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San Carlos school shopping frenzy!

Now that school is in full swing, some of you may have realized you are missing some essential school supplies. However, lucky you, now that almost all San Carlos kids are in school (and not shopping for school supplies anymore), many of the items go on sale! Let’s do some exercises to figure out how much you will have to pay for school supplies with the available discounts.

San Carlos school supply math problems

If you head to an office supply store in San Carlos and buy 2 protractors, each cost $3.84, and the sale is a 50% discount on the second item, how much will you pay for both total?

Your entire school shopping list comes out to $52.75, after a 15% discount on all items. what was the cost of the items before the discount?

You buy $14.35 worth of supplies for 10% off, and $42.50 worth of supplies for 25% off. How much do you have to pay for everything total?

If one store in San Carlos offers pencils for a buy one get one 50% off, each pencil costing 75 cents, and another store offers each pencil for 55 cents, which store will be cheaper to purchase 10 pencils at?


Here are some possible stores in San Carlos to buy supplies:

office depot san carlos

Morrison school supplies


Los Altos Bunny Math

You may not know this, but there are some wild bunnies roaming around in your backyard! Well technically they’re kinda large, so maybe they should be called rabbits, and maybe they don’t live right in your backyard, but that’s okay. If you live near Los Altos hills or the Palo Alto Foothills, or even near the baylands in Palo Alto, you should keep your eyes peeled for hopping animals with large ears, aka BUNNIIIESS!

Bunnies are amazing animals, because they are fluffy and jump around, and tend to have a lot of offspring! So now that you’ll start looking out for these cute mammals around Los Altos, let’s do some bunny math problems!

Bunny Problems

  • Your bunny’s ears are 4 inches wide and 7 inches tall. What is the total area of both of your bunny’s ears?
  • Your bunny races a turtle! The race is 10 miles long. Your bunny runs at 5 miles an hour pace, but rests in the middle for  an hour. The turtle runs 4 miles an hour and doesn’t stop to rest at all. Who wins?
  • Challenge: If you buy 2 bunnies, and every year they each have 2 baby bunnies, and they each have 2 bunnies a year and so on, how many bunnies will you have total after 5 years? (Each bunny has babies when they are 1 year old and every year after.)

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