Pizza Counting Math Problems in Menlo Park

Finally, a book that combines two of your child’s favorite things in Menlo Park – pizza and mathematics! Pizza Counting by Christina Dobson is a fun and creative way for your child to learn the basics of counting, addition, multiplication, division, and fractions. As toppings are added to each pizza, your child will learn addition by adding the toppings on the pizza. When the pizza is cut into several different pieces, your child is introduced to division and fractions. This book is more of an exciting set of word problems with pictures than it is an actual story. With fun facts interspersed throughout the book (such as the number of pizzas it would take to circle the Earth at the equator), Pizza Counting will keep your child engaged and excited to learn math. If you are looking for a new way to practice math with your child in Menlo Park, this book is for you. Both you and your child will find this book a refreshing change from the normal pen and paper math problems. I recommend all parents in the Palo Alto and Menlo Park area head over to Books Inc or Keplers to pick up a copy of Pizza Counting.

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Palo Alto Pizza Fun!

Pizza is a staple all over the world: Italy, New York, Chicago, you name it! Here in Palo Alto, we love our pizza as much as anyone else. We have Palo Alto Pizza Company, Pizza Chicago, Pizza My Heart, California Pizza Kitchen, and many more pizza joints around.

So we love pizza….. but can we do math with it?

Of course we can! We can do math with anything here in Silicon Valley. Try and see if you can do these fun pizza problems…

Pizza Problems

  1. If you cut a pizza pie into 4 pieces, and your friend Karla eats 8/49 of it, and your friend Noa eats 1/7 of it, how much of the  pizza is left? 34/49
  2. You bake a huge pizza with a radius of 57 inches! What will be the circumference and area of the pizza you bake?  If the pizza is 3 inches thick, what will be the volume of your pizza?
  3. You and your parents decided to get pizza for all the instructors at Mathnasium Palo Alto-Menlo Park.  There are 11 instructors at our center, 3 will eat 2 slices of pizzas each,  5 will eat 3 slices of pizzas each, and 3 instructors will eat just 1 slice of pizza each. If each pizza pie has 8 slices, how many pies will you need to bring to feed us all?
  4. If the first pizza you buy costs $13, and every pizza after the first costs $7, how much will it cost to give all the instructors pizza?

We hope you liked solving these problems, enjoy your Palo Alto pizza and make sure to check the answers below!


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1. : 34/49

2. : circumference: 357.96  in , area: 10,201.86 in ^2, volume: 30,605.58 in ^3

3. : 3 pies

4. : $27