Bay Area Math Lovers: Looking for a cute math video? Share this story with your kids

In Mathnasium of Palo Alto – Menlo Park, we love to discover new books and math videos to share with each other and make math tutoring more fun for the kids. Looking at my favorite stories from when I was a child, I found a book I used to read over and over again: The Dot and the Line. When I discovered this classic math love story on YouTube, I had to share with my fellow Bay Area bloggers!

Hey Bay Area parents, here’s a math love story video to show in your home!

The Dot and the Line YouTube Video (10 min)

The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics is an adorable children’s math story written by Norton Juster in 1963. It

Photo from Google Books

Photo from Google Books

quickly gained popularity and was adapted to a short animated film in 1965. The math video was well received — so much so that it won the Academy Award for Animated Short Film the year it was produced! You and your children are sure to love this sweet romance between the Dot and the Line, and it may even help your children to like math a little more.

Like the math video? Pick up a copy of the book in a local Palo Alto or Menlo Park book store!

At Mathnasium of Palo Alto – Menlo Park, we love supporting local businesses! We always recommend Kepler’s Books in Menlo Park and Know Knew Books in Palo Alto. The Dot and the Line is a great children’s book to have in your collection at home.

Let us know about your favorite math-related children’s books! We’d love to hear what our Palo Alto locals read with their kids so we can spread the love and make math tutoring even more fun.

by Mathin’ Catherin, March 12, 2013

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