Palo Alto Veterans’ Day math word problems for your student

All the Palo Alto kids are excited to have a 3-day weekend, but they can still do math during the break!  They all get an extra day to have fun in Palo Alto and also honor United States veterans. Some students will use this time to enjoy the company of their families, while others might take a trip to go

American flags to honor US veterans.

American flags to honor US veterans.

camping or hang around Palo Alto with their friends and enjoy their remaining Halloween candy.  At Mathnasium in Palo Alto, we will make sure to continue using math.  We encourage you to have your Palo Alto and Menlo Park students do the same with the following fun math word problems relating to their time off from school.

Elementary School:

1.  Jeremy has 42 pieces of leftover Halloween candy after his trick-or-treating adventures in Palo Alto. If he collected 79 pieces of candy from local houses, how many pieces has he eaten so far?

2.  Haley is allowed to watch just 7 hours of TV over the break.  She watched 3 hours of a show about math on Saturday and 2 hours of cartoons on Sunday.  How many hours of TV is Haley allowed to watch on Monday?

3. Timmy has a 3-day weekend.

, he also has 6 hours of chores to do over those three days.  How many hours does he have to work on chores each day, if he wants to work the same amount each day?

Middle School:

4.  Miranda is very excited for Christmas.  She knows there is a long time until she gets to open her presents on December 25.  If today is November 9th, how many days does Haley have to wait to open her presents under the tree in Palo Alto?

5.  Joey is very excited about all of his breaks in Palo Alto.  He wants to count up all of his days off for the rest of the year to practice his math skills.  He knows that there are 21 weekends, 2 days each.  Four of those weekends are 3-day weekends, giving him an additional day off.  He also has Winter Break, which gives him nine extra days off, and Spring Break, which gives him five more.  How many total days off does Joey have left in Palo Alto this year?

6.  Veterans’ Day was first celebrated in 1919.  How many years has it been honored?  How many decades?


7.  A group of Palo Alto student decided to host a fundraiser to honor veterans.  They spent 245 dollars to set everything up, and charged 12 dollars per person for entry.  If they received 134 dollars in addition to the entry price in donations, how many people had to pay for entry in order for the students to break even?  How many for them to raise their goal, 150 dollars, for veterans?

Math Word Problems at Palo Alto’s Happy Donuts!

Happy Donuts on El Camino–Palo Alto’s most beloved donut shop–is famous for their delicious classic glazed pastries. But this tastiness comes with a price: each donut is almost 300 calories, and we all know how hard it is to stop at just one!

Here are some fun donut-themed word problems to try out with your elementary or middle schooler during your next trip to Happy Donuts:

Happy Donuts Word Problems

happy donuts palo alto math word problems mathnasium

  • You eat two extra-glazed donuts at 400 calories each. Your friend Sharon eats three powdered donuts, which are 300 calories each. Who has eaten the most calories?
  • You get a box of a dozen donuts  from Happy Donuts. 6 are glazed, 3 are chocolate, 2 are jelly-filled, and 1 has chocolate sprinkles on top. If you choose one from the box at random, what is the probability you will get a jelly-filled donut? You eat this donut, and reach into the box again. What is the probability you will get the second jelly-filled?
  • If you’re supposed to eat 2,000 calories per day, and you eat 500 calories worth of donut holes, how many calories do you have left? What fraction of your daily caloric intake have you already eaten? Can you convert this to a percentage?
  • You bring two dozen donuts to class, and your classmate Jackie eats 1/4 of the donuts! How many did your friend eat? How many are left for the class?
  • You just ate 4 mini donut holes at 75 calories each. If running burns about 150 calories per hour, how many hours will you have to run to burn off those delicious donut holes?
  • If each donut is exactly 300 calories, how many calories are in a box of one dozen donuts?

You get the idea! Try making up your own donut-themed math problems on the spot and quizzing your kid during your next trip to Happy Donuts! These problems are fun to solve and help strengthen your child’s understanding of word problems, which many children struggle with. Post your own creative math problems below!

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~ Mathin’ Catherine 6/2013

Palo Alto– Math Fun at Yogurtland!

Heading to Palo Alto’s Yogurtland  on University Avenue anytime soon? Buying yogurt can be a great opportunity to give your kids some extra math practice, and make math fun at the same time! Here are some questions you can ask your math loving kids to make them earn their yogurt!

If you want to find some more fun problems to do with your Bay Area kid for some extra math help, check out our website:

by ohsarahrose on flickr

by ohsarahrose on flickr

2nd-3rd Graders:

  • If each ounce of yogurt costs 37 cents, and you buy 2 ounces of yogurt, how much will your yogurt cost? What if you buy 3 ounces? Or 4?
  • How many flavors are offered at the Palo Alto Yogurtland? How many of those flavors are fruit flavored? Do you know how to write this as a fraction?
  • If your parents say you can have a 5 ounce yogurt with toppings, and your yogurt weighs 3.5 ounces, how many ounces of toppings can you get?

4th-6th Graders:

  • If 66.66% of your 9 ounce frozen yogurt is yogurt, how many ounces of toppings do you have?
  • Each ounce of frozen yogurt costs 37 cents. If your yogurt totaled to $2.59, how many ounces of yogurt did you buy? Round your answer to the nearest thousandth.
  • Challenge: Every day, I go to downtown Palo Alto to get myself frozen yogurt. The first day, I go to Yogurtland, but don’t buy anything (0 ounces).  I choose how many ounces I buy according to the Fibbonaci Sequence (0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13…). . How many ounces of frozen yogurt will I buy on the 14th day? (A: 233) How many will I buy on the 21st day? (A: 6765)

Some creative math fun like this will make a trip like this not only tasty, but also educational! Enjoy your yogurt, and enjoy learning math in Palo Alto!

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~ Mathin’ Catherine