Manicure Math in Menlo Park

Young girls in Menlo Park love getting their nails done with their moms! Why not bring your daughter to Mathnasium and then go to the nail salon and get your nails done with her? There are many nail salons near our Palo Alto-Menlo Park location. In fact, Charisma Salon is less than a block away from Mathnasium. Some other nearby nail salons include La Belle Spa, La Jolie, Lavande, and there are many more local nail salons.

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In honor of the wonderful math and manicure theme, let’s solve some manicure related math problems:

1. At the salon you’re at, a traditional manicure costs $15 and a manicure with a special scrub costs $20. You get the traditional manicure and your mother get a manicure with a special scrub.

a) If you want to tip the manicurist 20%, how much money would the tip be?

b) How much money did you and your mom spend on your nails including the tip?

2. You find a nail polish color that you love and decide to purchase it. The nail polish costs $8. If sales tax is 7.5%, how much in total did you pay for the nail polish?

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Hot Cocoa Math in Palo Alto

Hot Cocoa in Palo Alto Practice Math Problems

Hot cocoa is my favorite winter beverage! What’s your favorite thing to drink to keep you warm in Palo Alto’s cold winter weather? On a cool winter day, it’s nice to heat up with a scarf, mittens, and a hot cocoa. There are many wonderful places to get hot chocolate in Palo Alto and Menlo Park. Some of my favorites places in the area to grab a warm chocolatey cup of hot cocoa in Palo Alto and Menlo Park are Mayfield Bakery, Deuce France, Calafia, Coupa Cafe, and Cafe Borrone. There are so many wonderful places in the Palo Alto and Menlo Park to grab a drink. Get yourself a cup of hot chocolate, and let’s get down to business- math style!

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Here are some hot chocolate themed math problems:

1. If a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows costs $4.75, how much change should you get from a $20 bill?

2. The diameter of the hot cocoa cup is 5 inches. (d=2*r) What is the circumference (C=2*pi*r) of the cup?

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Snow Math in Menlo Park

Winter is finally here and as rain starts here in the Menlo Park and Palo Alto area, snow falls in the mountains. My favorite part of winter is the snowy mountains in Tahoe because snow means one thing- skiing! Don’t you love skiing? It’s so exhilarating! Before you hit the slopes, let’s practice some math. Here are some fun snow and skiing related math problems for you to practice with your child in Menlo Park before you get headed to the mountains:

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1. At the beginning of the week there was 17 feet of snow on the mountains. On Monday there was 5 inches of snowfall. By Thursday, two inches of snow had melted. On Friday, there was a small snow storm that left two-and-a-half inches of snowfall. How much snow is there on the mountain on the end of Friday? (Note: 1 ft= 12 inches)

2. You want to buy a new pair of goggles. The shop you are at has a 15% off goggles sale. If the goggles originally cost $32, what is their sale price?

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Painting Math in Palo Alto

What child in Palo Alto doesn’t love painting ceramics? It is a fun activity that will keep them busy for a few hours and leave them with a masterpiece they can save! Lucky for us, there are plenty of places to paint pottery in the Palo Alto and Menlo Park area. Color Me Mine and Create it Ceramics are great to name a few locations!

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Here are some pottery painting themed math problems to do with your child before heading to Create it Ceramics in Palo Alto!

1. You choose to paint a baseball and your brother chooses to paint a seahorse. For yours, you want to use white, black, and red paint. Your brother wants to use green, purple, blue, and yellow paint.

a) If your paint bottles and your brother’s paint bottles are out on the table and you choose one bottle of paint, what is the probability that the paint is one of your colors?

b) If the paint bottles are on the table, what is the probability that you will choose the yellow paint?

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Ice Skating Math in Palo Alto

Fall is in the air and what better way to celebrate the crisp, cool weather than ice skating in Palo Alto? There are a few ice skating rinks in the area and I recommend you check out Winter Lodge in Palo Alto or Nazareth Ice Oasis in Redwood City for some cold, icy fun! Your child is bound to enjoy ice skating so why not take them skating with their friends and throw in some ice skating related math problems beforehand?

Fun Math Activities in Palo Alto

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Here are some ice skating math problems for your kids to practice:

1. You decide to go skating at Winter Lodge in Palo Alto with your friend and mom. One-time admission costs $10 per person and skate rental is $4 per pair of skates.

a) Your mom brings her old ice skates and doesn’t need to rent a pair, but you and your friend need to rent skates. Including the admission fee, how much would you have to pay for the three of you to go skating?

b) The Winter Lodge has special value packages and you’re not sure if you should buy the Convenience package instead of one-time admission. The Convenience package is worth 10 admissions and costs $95. How much money would you save if you bought the Convenience package?

2. Starbucks is right around the corner and you decide to stop at Starbucks for some post-skating refreshments. You order a hot cocoa with whipped cream for $3.75. Your friend orders a tea for $2.50 and your mom orders a latte for $4.15. If your mother hands the cashier a $20 bill, how much change should she get back?

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New Moon Math in Palo Alto

Tonight there will be a New Moon that we can see here in Palo Alto. For those of you who don’t know, a New Moon is the first phase of the moon. For us humans here on planet Earth, this is the point where the moon is closest to the Sun in the sky. I encourage you all to go outside tonight and take a nice evening stroll around your neighborhood with your family (and dog if you have one) and gaze at the moon and the stars. Marvel at its beauty and when you return home, why not practice some New Moon themed math problems with your children?

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Here are some fun moon themed math problems. Some of these problems are more suitable for younger children while others are for older children.:

1. The distance from you in Palo Alto or Menlo Park (or insert city where you live), CA on planet Earth to the moon is approximately 238,900 miles. If 1 mile is approximately equal to 1.6 kilometers, how far is the moon in kilometers?

2. The circumference of the moon is about 6,784 miles. (*Note: Circumference= 2(pi)r. Round pi to 3.14.)

a) What is the radius of the moon?

b) What is the moon’s area?

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Breakfast Math in Palo Alto

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and on a relaxing Saturday morning, there are few things I want more than a delicious, healthy brunch. My all-time favorite breakfast spot is Calafia in the Town and Country Center in Palo Alto. I definitely recommend taking your child to breakfast at Calafia on a Saturday morning during the school year and then heading over to their tutoring session at Mathnasium of Palo Alto- Menlo Park for a wonderful, math-filled morning. In the meantime, here are some rad math problems about this cool place in Palo Alto:

1. You, your mother, and your younger brother are super hungry and decide to order a few different items off of the menu to share. You order the Vegan Love Fest Pizza ($11), the Crimson Quinoa Salad ($10), a side of oatmeal ($9), and a fruit cup ($5).

a) What was the total cost of breakfast for the three of you?

b) How much did breakfast per person?

2. You are about to pay, but your mother decides to bring breakfast home for your dad who is sick with a cold. She decides to order the Tofu Scramble ($12) to go for him. Due to the fabulous food and friendly service at Calafia, your mother decides to leave a nice tip of 20% of your total bill. How much money does your mom leave as a tip?

Now that you’re all fueled up with yummy and nutritious foods, you will feel energized and focused for your session at Mathnasium of Palo Alto-Menlo Park. And isn’t it nice to spend quality time with your mom and brother? This could easily become a Saturday routine!

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