Manicure Math in Menlo Park

Young girls in Menlo Park love getting their nails done with their moms! Why not bring your daughter to Mathnasium and then go to the nail salon and get your nails done with her? There are many nail salons near our Palo Alto-Menlo Park location. In fact, Charisma Salon is less than a block away from Mathnasium. Some other nearby nail salons include La Belle Spa, La Jolie, Lavande, and there are many more local nail salons.

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In honor of the wonderful math and manicure theme, let’s solve some manicure related math problems:

1. At the salon you’re at, a traditional manicure costs $15 and a manicure with a special scrub costs $20. You get the traditional manicure and your mother get a manicure with a special scrub.

a) If you want to tip the manicurist 20%, how much money would the tip be?

b) How much money did you and your mom spend on your nails including the tip?

2. You find a nail polish color that you love and decide to purchase it. The nail polish costs $8. If sales tax is 7.5%, how much in total did you pay for the nail polish?

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Hot Cocoa Math in Palo Alto

Hot Cocoa in Palo Alto Practice Math Problems

Hot cocoa is my favorite winter beverage! What’s your favorite thing to drink to keep you warm in Palo Alto’s cold winter weather? On a cool winter day, it’s nice to heat up with a scarf, mittens, and a hot cocoa. There are many wonderful places to get hot chocolate in Palo Alto and Menlo Park. Some of my favorites places in the area to grab a warm chocolatey cup of hot cocoa in Palo Alto and Menlo Park are Mayfield Bakery, Deuce France, Calafia, Coupa Cafe, and Cafe Borrone. There are so many wonderful places in the Palo Alto and Menlo Park to grab a drink. Get yourself a cup of hot chocolate, and let’s get down to business- math style!

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Here are some hot chocolate themed math problems:

1. If a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows costs $4.75, how much change should you get from a $20 bill?

2. The diameter of the hot cocoa cup is 5 inches. (d=2*r) What is the circumference (C=2*pi*r) of the cup?

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Snow Math in Menlo Park

Winter is finally here and as rain starts here in the Menlo Park and Palo Alto area, snow falls in the mountains. My favorite part of winter is the snowy mountains in Tahoe because snow means one thing- skiing! Don’t you love skiing? It’s so exhilarating! Before you hit the slopes, let’s practice some math. Here are some fun snow and skiing related math problems for you to practice with your child in Menlo Park before you get headed to the mountains:

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1. At the beginning of the week there was 17 feet of snow on the mountains. On Monday there was 5 inches of snowfall. By Thursday, two inches of snow had melted. On Friday, there was a small snow storm that left two-and-a-half inches of snowfall. How much snow is there on the mountain on the end of Friday? (Note: 1 ft= 12 inches)

2. You want to buy a new pair of goggles. The shop you are at has a 15% off goggles sale. If the goggles originally cost $32, what is their sale price?

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