San Carlos school shopping frenzy!

Now that school is in full swing, some of you may have realized you are missing some essential school supplies. However, lucky you, now that almost all San Carlos kids are in school (and not shopping for school supplies anymore), many of the items go on sale! Let’s do some exercises to figure out how much you will have to pay for school supplies with the available discounts.

San Carlos school supply math problems

If you head to an office supply store in San Carlos and buy 2 protractors, each cost $3.84, and the sale is a 50% discount on the second item, how much will you pay for both total?

Your entire school shopping list comes out to $52.75, after a 15% discount on all items. what was the cost of the items before the discount?

You buy $14.35 worth of supplies for 10% off, and $42.50 worth of supplies for 25% off. How much do you have to pay for everything total?

If one store in San Carlos offers pencils for a buy one get one 50% off, each pencil costing 75 cents, and another store offers each pencil for 55 cents, which store will be cheaper to purchase 10 pencils at?


Here are some possible stores in San Carlos to buy supplies:

office depot san carlos

Morrison school supplies


Back to School Math in Menlo Park

It’s that time of year again. The summer is fading away and it appears that school will soon be back in session. Families flock to get school supplies and children can’t wait to figure out who will be in their classes. However, going back to school is also a great time to brush up on your math skills with some back to school math problems. From school supplies to getting some fall and winter clothes shopping is full of math will decimals and percents. With children, teachers and classes, back to school is a great way to incorporate fractions and ratios into math problems. So let’s get started!

Lower Elementary School Math Problems

  1. If Max goes to Staples to buy school supplies for the new school year and buys 3 pencils for $1 each and two erasers for $2 each how much did he spend?
  2. Anna goes to get a new pair of jeans and a new pair of shoes for school. The total was $55 and the shoes were $20. How much were the jeans?
  3. If Amy finds out there are 25 students in her class (including her) and there are 14 girls in her class, how many boys are in her class?

Upper Elementary School Math Problems

  1. Mark wants to figure out what time he has to get up in the morning. School starts at 8:30. It takes him half an hour to get to school, 5 minutes to get dressed, 12 minutes to eat breakfast, and 3 minutes to floss and brush his teeth. He also uses 10 minutes to get his backpack and make sure all his homework is done. What time must he wake up?
  2. Susan is looking at her classes. There are 30 students in her class (including her). She finds out that 40% of the students in her class are girls, what number of students are boys?
  3. Tara is going school supplies shopping, she wants to get 3 mechanical pencils at $2.50 each, a ruler for $0.99 and 2 pens at $1.50 each. How much is her total? How much is her total is she has a 10% off coupon?

Middle School Math Problems

  1. Lindsey is making cookies for her friends at school. She used 1 cup of flour, 2/3 cup of sugar, 1/4 cup of chocolate chips and an 1/8 cup of butter.  How many cups did she use total? If she doubled the recipe?
  2. If Lindsey decided to use a bigger recipe and it made 520 cookies and her family ate 35% of the cookies. How many cookies are left? If half of the remaining cookies were given to Lindsey’s grandparents how many are left?
  3. If Lindsey ate all the cookies and decided to make 100 brownies how many different bag combinations can she make?
Back to School Math Menlo Park

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Lower Elementary School

1. $7    2. $35    3. 11 boys

Upper Elementary School

1. 7:30    2. 18 boys  3. $11.49, $10.34

Middle School

1. 2  1/24 cups    2. 338 cookies, 169 cookies   3. 5 different combinations