Algebra in Redwood City

Finally, a book that helps children learn algebra! Mystery Math by David Adler is a one-of-a-kind that can be found right here in Redwood City! Written by a former math teacher, this book contains all of the algebra secrets to help your child solve any basic algebra problem that their Redwood City school will assign. In a spooky, Halloween-themed story, Adler walks your child through algebraic terminology and problems. Targeted for older children, this book covers the ins and outs of equations, variables, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. After reading this story, your child will be able to relate to and understand algebra. Solving for a variable is introduced as solving a mystery which adds appeal and reduces your child’s fear of algebra problems. Additionally, this book provides your child with a fun task to do at home that will further contribute to their understanding of algebra. This book should be a go-to story for any child new to algebra or who struggles with the subject. Go pick up your copy of Mystery Math today at Books Inc. in the Town and Country Center in Palo Alto or Barnes and Noble in Redwood City. Visit the Mathnasium of Palo Alto-Menlo Park for more fun ways to learn math near Redwood City!

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Atherton and Algebra Tutoring – it’s all about the A’s, the B’s, and the Game

Every parent worries about their kid getting A’s. Especially parents in Atherton, which is one of the highest stress regions of Silicon Valley. It’s all competitive and we might freak out if our child comes home with a B in Algebra, or even worse. But really it’s not just about the A’s in Algebra it’s about making algebra relevant to your child for the long term.

by Mathin’ Catherin, February 24, 2013

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Two B’s is Not Equal to Four A’s in Algebra

Algebra Tutoring and Atherton, CA

So from 8th grade to college may seem like a long time, but the reality is having a lot of B’s in Algebra is not going to be what your child needs to get into a top university like Stanford or Berkeley. So two B’s in two math classes are not as good as one A in a competitive class like algebra 2.

As a parent, you may not remember all your algebra beyond just 3 plus x = 7, and therefore solve for X and do the square root of twelve and wasn’t there something about PI, which was a movie.  Oh yea, so it’s 4.

But for your child the trick is to put algebra into perspective.

Making Algebra a Priority for Your Child

So one good trick, beyond finding a professional algebra tutor, is to drive your child to some of the nearby universities like Stanford, and show them just how incredibly fun it will be to be in college. Even if they hate math and algebra, you might have a little luck by informing them that Algebra is just a barrier.

~ Mathin’ Catherine