Managing A Summer Sleep Schedule

Over the summer, it can be easy for kids and teens to develop crazy  sleep schedules that are way out of sync with what is necessary during the school year. They might stay up extremely late, then sleep in until noon. While this can seem harmless if they are still getting enough hours of sleep, developing unpredictable sleep schedules over the summer can put an unhealthy strain on the body’s biological clock. Here are 3 tips on how to keep a student’s sleep schedule in check this summer.


1. Plan fun morning activities! This way, your child will have to both sleep and wake up early in order to have the energy to do the activities they’re excited about.

2. Stay busy during the day! Whether it’s having them come to Mathnasium to get summer math practice in, taking them on hikes, or playing Frisbee with them at the park, keeping kids active during the day will ensure that they’ll want to hit the sack by night.

3. Set strict alarms! Making sure that their alarms go off at the same time every morning of the summer will keep them on a schedule that their body will quickly grow used to. Eventually, their bodies will know to wake up around that time.

We hope these tips help with staying well-rested this summer! For more fun ways to learn math, visit The Mathnasium of Palo Alto-Menlo Park.

Summer Movies

There are lots of great movies in theaters this summer, with even more set to be released in the near future! From the adorable Finding Dory to the thrilling Captain America: Civil War to the terrifying The Conjuring 2, there is definitely something for everyone to watch this summer. Here are some fun word problems to do after an exiciting few hours at the movies.

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1. If movie tickets cost $15 each, and Julie has 4 people in her family, how much will their tickets cost in total?

2. Popcorn costs $3.50 per bucket at the movie theater. If Daniel has $15 for popcorn and has 3 friends with him at the movies, does he have enough money to buy a bucket of popcorn for each person, including himself?

3. There are 20 movies that Matthew wants to watch this summer. So far, he has watched 4. What fraction of his movie list is he able to cross out?

We at Mathnasium of Palo Alto-Menlo Park hope you have a fun, movie-filled summer! For more fun ways to learn math, visit the Mathnasium of Palo Alto-Menlo Park.


Fun Ways To Sharpen Math Skills This Summer

Over a ten-week summer break, many students regress in their mathematics skills due to lack of practice. This then comes to negatively affect them the next school year, when they realize they’ve grown rusty. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Students can keep practicing and doing math over the summer while still having fun. Below are 3 ways for students to keep their head in the math game this summer without being bored.

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1. Have Game Night! Along with family and friends, students can play math-related games that will keep their minds on numbers and critical thinking. Game Night will sharpen their math skills but also be entertaining and engaging in a fun and relaxed environment.

2. Ask them to help others! Kids love to explain things to their peers, often finding it a fun experience. By helping their sibling or friend with a math problem or two, students can stay engaged with math this summer while getting the rewarding feeling that they’re helping someone else.

3. Ask math-related questions wherever you go! Whether you’re watching TV in the living room or on a road trip, keep students engaged through questions. Casual, fun questions like, “If there are ten total minutes of commercials this hour, how much of the hour were we actually getting to watch the show?” or “How many non-California license plates can we count on the road?” will keep kids’ minds sharp.

We hope that these tips work for you or your child this summer! For more fun ways to learn math, visit the Mathnasium of Palo Alto-Menlo Park.

Ways to Beat Summer Boredom

Summer is well underway, and in many ways the extra time and freedom each day is great. That’s why students love summer break: there is more time to relax and unwind after a long and perhaps stressful school year. Yet sometimes, all of the free time students gain in the summer can be a lot to handle. Students might find themselves not knowing what to do and sitting around all day. Here are 3 tips on how students can use their time more productively while still having fun this summer.


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1. Make a list of goals to meet this summer! Whether it’s beating your mile time or improving your math skills by memorizing the multiplication table, making a list of clear goals to achieve will help you maintain a schedule and keep yourself busy.

2. Learn something new! You can teach yourself how to play the piano, learn how to juggle, or crack open that geometry textbook to give yourself a head start in math class next year. You’ll be spending time wisely and gaining a new skill out of it.

3. Visit someplace new! Whether it’s a park in a neighboring town or a country halfway across the world, plan a trip to somewhere you’ve never been. Go with your family, friends, or both–that way, you can share the experience with those important to you. While traveling to a brand new place, you’ll never be bored.

We at Mathnasium of Palo Alto-Menlo Park hope you have a fun-filled yet productive summer! For more fun ways to learn math, visit The Mathnasium of Palo Alto-Menlo Park.