Summer Vacationing

During the summer, one of my favorite things to do is to travel to different places! One of the places I enjoyed the most was Hawaii. The beaches in Hawaii are really beautiful, and the view is always great! Here are some math problems to do after having a fun day at the beach!

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Summer Vacation

1. Steve likes collecting shells on the beach during the summer. If he has 13 shells, and he wants to have 30 by the end of the day, how many more does he need?

2. Anna’s favorite restaurant during the summer is 10 miles away from her hotel. If she drives at 20 miles per hour, how long will it take to get to the restaurant?

3. Joe wants to buy a summer smoothie on the beach! If the smoothie costs $4.23, and he gives them $10, how much change will be get back?

Enjoy your summer vacations! For more fun ways to learn math, visit the Mathnasium of Palo Alto – Menlo Park.

Summer in Vegas

We hear that the Mathnasium of Palo Alto-Menlo Park is hosting a math game night this summer! This time, the theme of the game night will be Las Vegas! Enjoy all the aspects of Vegas in a safe, educational environment, and fortunately without the heat of the Vegas summer! To celebrate this upcoming summer game night, here’s a survey of the sights of Vegas!

Las Vegas is a city built almost exclusively for tourism, a playground of shopping, food, and parties, especially during the summer, when lots of tourists visit! Visitors to Las Vegas are especially familiar with “The Strip”, the nickname for Las Vegas Boulevard, where lots of the world’s biggest and flashiest casino resorts can be found. Below, we’ve described some of the more interesting resorts you could visit (or imagine visiting) this summer.

The Venetian:

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The Venetian – Vegas

The Venetian is a hotel/casino resort themed around the city of Venice in northern Italy. This resort is especially attractive over the summer because of its indoor water canals (complete with an artificial sky and singing gondola rowers). If you’ve ever wanted to visit “The City of Bridges” without leaving North America, this is your hotel!

Treasure Island:

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Treasure Island – Vegas

Treasure Island is a hotel/casino resort based off of the legends of pirates! This family-friendly resort is perfect for adventurous girls and boys who are interested in lore concerning pirates and their hidden treasure! This resort is also great during the summer, as visitors can view a live pirate show at night, complete with fire and water.


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Luxor – Vegas

One of the oldest (and most classic) hotels on “The Strip”, the Luxor comprises of a giant, blue pyramid surrounded by gardens. A stay at the Luxor is even more similar to a stay in Egypt over the summer, when the summer heat beats down as relentlessly in Vegas as it does in Giza.

We hope you enjoyed these descriptions of hotels in Vegas, and that this blog post has gotten you excited for the Vegas-themed game night happening this month! For more fun ways to learn math this summer, visit the Mathnasium of Palo Alto-Menlo Park.

Summer Camps

One of the things I love about summer is going to summer camps! As a child, I used to attend Camp Galileo in Palo Alto. One of my favorite summer camps there was Chefology. At Chefology, I learned how to bake decadent desserts as well as international foods, such as fried rice. My Chefology class was only 10 minutes away from Mathnasium! After going to summer camp for the whole day, try these fun word problems!

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Summer Camp Fun!

1. If you need 2 cups of flour for every 3 cookies, and you want to make 10 cookies, how many cups of flour do you need?

2. If the oven heats up at 5 degrees per second, and you need the oven temperature to be 425 degrees, how long will it take for the oven to heat up?

3. Each quesadilla has 5 slices. If there are 10 people in your class, and each person wants 3 slices, how many quesadillas do you have to make?

We hope you have fun at your summer camps! For more fun ways to learn math, visit the Mathnasium of Palo Alto – Menlo Park.

Summer Sailing Math

A fun thing to do over the summer is to go out to the bay in SF and go sailing! While the summer sun beats down on you, the brisk wind cools you off. You can sail under the Golden Gate Bridge and get a new perspective of San Francisco from the boat! For your first few days of summer, here are some sailing-themed math problems for you to solve!

1) If the summer wind is 5mph East, how fast do you have to go if you want to sail West at 30mph?

2) You start sailing at 10:30am on a nice summer afternoon, and you want to finish by 2:30pm. If the path you are sailing is 3 miles, how fast do you have to sail to be done in time?

3) The sail of your boat is 10 meters tall, so that it can catch the summer wind, and the Golden Gate Bridge is 227 meters above the water. How much distance is between the top of your sail to the bottom of the Golden Gate Bridge?

For more fun ways to learn math, visit the Mathnasium of Palo Alto – Menlo Park. Don’t forget to come to Mathnasium to brush up on your math so that you don’t get summer brain drain! We have summer problems that are bound to be fun.