Mathnasium Themed Math Problems Menlo Park

Hello Menlo Park students! We’re about to start off the new year, and we hope you’re as excited about 2016 as we are! Why not start the year with a big boost in your math skills? Here are some math problems to help kick off the new year, themed around the Mathnasium of Palo Alto-Menlo Park. If you’re a student here in our Menlo Park site, you’ll definitely recognize the context of some of these math problems.

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1. Cindy comes to the Menlo Park Mathnasium on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for one hour each time. How many hours does she spend at Mathnasium each year?

2. 2/9 of all Menlo Park students come to Mathnasium! (made up statistic). If there are 150 students registered at Mathnasium, how many total students are there in Menlo Park?

3. Kevin gets 5/16 on his first test, 8/16 on his second test, 14/16 on his third test, and 16/16 on his last test. What was his average score (in percent)?

4. It takes 12 minutes to travel from the Palo Alto – Menlo Park Mathnasium to the Los Altos one, if one drives at 20 miles per hour. How far are the two Mathnasiums from each other?

5. It takes 15 minutes for a Menlo Park Mathnasium staff writer to finish one blog post. If a Mathnasium staff writer works for 4 hours doing nothing but writing blog posts, how many can (s)he write? (how meta was that?)

We hope that you enjoyed doing these Mathnasium-themed math problems dedicated especially to our Menlo Park students. Remember to study hard in the new year, and to continue developing your math skills! Being good at math helps you with your critical thinking and analysis skills. If you want to really supplement the math you learn at school, come to Mathnasium! For more fun ways to learn and practice math, please visit the Mathnasium of Palo Alto-Menlo Park.

Christmas Math for Portola Valley Students

Students in Portola Valley schools are getting ready for Christmas (this Friday)! Our Mathnasium staff have written some Christmas-themed math problems to celebrate the holiday! If you need a break from the holidays and feel like doing math, here are some problems just for you! We hope that Portola Valley students take advantage of the holiday break to get ahead on math.

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1. Santa Claus is driving his sleigh from Bakersfield to Portola Valley, in a hurry to deliver his presents. If his sleigh goes at 130 miles per hour, and the distance between the two cities is approximately 200 miles, how long will it take him to arrive?

2. Each family gives Santa Claus approximately 5 cookies. There are about 30 families in your neighborhood. How many cookies will Santa Claus receive from your neighborhood?

3. For Christmas vacation, you are going to visit your grandparents in Salt Lake City! If you leave Portola Valley at 7:23 am in the morning, and arrive in Salt Lake City at 6:51 pm, how many hours and minutes did you travel? (Remember, there’s a one hour time difference between Portola Valley and Salt Lake City! Subtract one horu)

4. You receive 3 gifts from your grandma, 2 gifts from your grandpa, 1 gift from your younger brother, 5 gifts from your aunt, 3 gifts from your father, 9 gifts from your mother, and 2 gifts from your best friend, how many total gifts did you receive?

5. There’s a holiday sale at your local Portola Valley department store! Winter jackets usually cost $59.99, but are on sale for 45% off during the Christmas holidays! How much do the jackets cost while on sale?

We hope you enjoyed these Christmas-themed math problems, Portola Valley math students! For more fun ways to learn and practice math, visit The Mathnasium of Palo Alto-Menlo Park. Start off your new year with a boost in your math skills!