Math and Art in Redwood City

Redwood City Math

In a clever combination of mathematics and famous artwork, Greg Tang’s MATH-terpieces helps children learn addition and problem solving. The book is designed for children ages five through ten and is perfect for children near Redwood City. Younger children will learn addition through MATH-terpieces while older children will benefit from the problem solving aspect of the book. This book is fantastic for your well-rounded child with multiple interests. The book shows a famous painting on one page and a math grouping problem on the other page. Solutions and explanations are in the back so you child can check the answers to the problems as they go. Additionally, there are definitions of important art terms in the back of the book. While building math and reasoning skills, your child will also be gaining exposure to famous artwork from some of the best artists of all-time. The creativity and pure brilliance of this book earns it a special spot on my bookshelf. I recommend that all parents in the Atherton and Redwood City Area pick up a copy of MATH-terpieces and read it with your child. You will not be disappointed! Head over to Barnes and Noble in Redwood City to pick up MATH-terpieces.

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