Ice Skating Math in Palo Alto

Fall is in the air and what better way to celebrate the crisp, cool weather than ice skating in Palo Alto? There are a few ice skating rinks in the area and I recommend you check out Winter Lodge in Palo Alto or Nazareth Ice Oasis in Redwood City for some cold, icy fun! Your child is bound to enjoy ice skating so why not take them skating with their friends and throw in some ice skating related math problems beforehand?

Fun Math Activities in Palo Alto

Photo from the Palo Alto Winter Lodge

Here are some ice skating math problems for your kids to practice:

1. You decide to go skating at Winter Lodge in Palo Alto with your friend and mom. One-time admission costs $10 per person and skate rental is $4 per pair of skates.

a) Your mom brings her old ice skates and doesn’t need to rent a pair, but you and your friend need to rent skates. Including the admission fee, how much would you have to pay for the three of you to go skating?

b) The Winter Lodge has special value packages and you’re not sure if you should buy the Convenience package instead of one-time admission. The Convenience package is worth 10 admissions and costs $95. How much money would you save if you bought the Convenience package?

2. Starbucks is right around the corner and you decide to stop at Starbucks for some post-skating refreshments. You order a hot cocoa with whipped cream for $3.75. Your friend orders a tea for $2.50 and your mom orders a latte for $4.15. If your mother hands the cashier a $20 bill, how much change should she get back?

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