Managing A Summer Sleep Schedule

Over the summer, it can be easy for kids and teens to develop crazy  sleep schedules that are way out of sync with what is necessary during the school year. They might stay up extremely late, then sleep in until noon. While this can seem harmless if they are still getting enough hours of sleep, developing unpredictable sleep schedules over the summer can put an unhealthy strain on the body’s biological clock. Here are 3 tips on how to keep a student’s sleep schedule in check this summer.


1. Plan fun morning activities! This way, your child will have to both sleep and wake up early in order to have the energy to do the activities they’re excited about.

2. Stay busy during the day! Whether it’s having them come to Mathnasium to get summer math practice in, taking them on hikes, or playing Frisbee with them at the park, keeping kids active during the day will ensure that they’ll want to hit the sack by night.

3. Set strict alarms! Making sure that their alarms go off at the same time every morning of the summer will keep them on a schedule that their body will quickly grow used to. Eventually, their bodies will know to wake up around that time.

We hope these tips help with staying well-rested this summer! For more fun ways to learn math, visit The Mathnasium of Palo Alto-Menlo Park.

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