Doin’ Math with CREAM Ice Cream Sandwiches in Palo Alto

Ice Cream Sandwich Store

ice cream sandwich

Recently, the new ice cream sandwich place, CREAM (Cookies Rule Everything Around Me), opened on University Avenue in Palo Alto. The place is a huge hit, and there is always a line outside the door. Although the wait may be long, it is definitely worth it! Not only do you get a yummy ice cream sandwich, but it is a great opportunity for your child to do more math.

Math for 2nd – 3rd graders

  • If each ice cream sandwich costs $2.50 and you want to buy 3 ice cream sandwiches, how much  money do you need?
  • There are 20 ice cream flavors at CREAM and 10 different types of cookies. How much more ice cream flavors are there than cookie types?
  • There are 6 people in front of you, waiting in line, and there is only one worker at CREAM. If the worker can make 1 ice cream sandwich per minute and every person in front of you is only planning on ordering one sandwich. How long do you have to wait until it is your turn to order an ice cream sandwich?

Math for 4th – 6th graders

  • If each ice cream sandwich has 264 calories and you are only allowed to have 1200 calories of ice cream sandwiches per day, how many ice cream sandwiches can you buy to the nearest fraction?
  • I love ice cream sandwiches, especially from CREAM. On the day CREAM opened I bought myself one ice cream sandwich. On the second day, I bought two. Every day, I bought twice as many ice cream sandwiches as I did the previous day. How many ice cream sandwiches did I buy on the 18th day?
  • I always have a hard time choosing what cookie and what ice cream flavor I want in my ice cream sandwich. Of the 20 flavors, I only like 4, and of the 10 cookie types I only like 2. If I can only have one type of cookie and one scoop of ice cream in each sandwich, how many different possibilities of different ice cream sandwiches do I have?

Now, next time you’re waiting in line with your child for a delicious ice cream sandwich, you can do some fun math problems! Learn more about Math Tutoring and Mathnasium of Palo Alto-Menlo Park (and find more fun problems) –

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