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Although some children might be reluctant to believe it, math can be fun! There are many number tricks that seem unusual, but are actually fun and surprising! For example, you can figure out someone’s exact age by asking them to choose a number between 2 and 9. Here are the steps!


  1. Choose a number between 2 and 9
  2. Multiply your number by 2
  3. Add 5 to your number
  4. Multiply the number by 50
  5. If you had your birthday already this year, add 1,759 to your total. If you haven’t have your birthday this year, add 1,762
  6. Subtract the year you were born from the number ( you should now have a three digit number)
  7. The first digit should be the number you chose, and the next two digits should be your age

There are many other fun tricks like this. Next time you want to trick you child, try this fun math trick! This guy teaches how to do this trick with playing cards:

You can also do more fun tricks with your child through this website

These fun number games are not only fun and engaging, but also a  good way for your child to practice his or her math skills

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