Hey Palo Alto Parents! Here’s a Fun M.C. Escher-Ispired Art Project for Kids!

M.C. Escher is world-famous for his beautiful tessellations, so here at Mathnasium of Palo Alto-Menlo Park we’ve created some easy instructions for how to make your very own tessellation in this great math-related art project! For parents that can’t exactly recall freshman year geometry as if it were yesterday, a tessellation is a a pattern using a single shape, without gaps or overlapping. Tessellations are a fun and creative way to make math interesting outside the classroom!

Math-related art projects are a cool way for kids to get interested in math and art, and help them understand the connection between math learned in the classroom and math used in real life. Below are the instructions, and be sure to check out our previous post for more math-centric art projects for elementary and middle schoolers!

How to Make an M.C. Escher Tessellation

tessellation math math-related art project mathnasium

Tessellation instructions

  1. Start out with a drawing a square or rectangle, like the one shown below. Use a ruler to make sure all sides are even.
  2. Add shapes coming off of or going into your shape. Whichever shapes you choose to add to/cut out of the rectangle, do the opposite to the other side, as shown.
  3. Cut your new shape out, and use it to trace again and again on another sheet of paper, to make a tessellation!
  4. Color, and you’re finished! Congratulations, you just made a tessellation!

Tessellations are a great math-related art project because you can decide how simple, or how intricate, you want your design to be! Have fun with this great and easy art project with your kids!

~ Mathin’ Catherine, 6/2013

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