Math Game Madness: Play on the Go!

Entertain yourself and your kids with this fun and interactive math game called Math Madness. Redwood City parents with math-loving kids, next time you get the urge to play a game, simply get out a deck of numbered Mathnasium playing cards to help your kids accomplish the goal of this game: to get to 10. You will be amazed at how quickly they gain confidence in math, since this game teaches them the importance of order of operations and how manipulating numbers can help them meet their goals! This game provides a solid foundation for working with numbers that is crucial for your child when they get to algebra and higher math levels.

The general idea of the game is that you take an array of 9 cards (3 by 3), and see how many cards out of the nine total cards you can use to make 10. For example, if you had a 12, 9, 8, and a 3, you could add (12-8) + (9-3) = 10. This game is fun, fast-paced, and encourages students to use order of operations to their advantage, as well as developing a love of math outside of Redwood City schools. Soon, your children will be whizzes at order of operations and will find the number 10 in everything!

~ Mathin’ Catherine, 5/9/2013

Getting to 10

The Rules

  1. Get a deck of cards and remove the jokers. If it’s not a Mathnasium deck, let aces=1, jacks=10, queens=11, and kings=12.
  2. Set the 9 cards out in 3 rows of 3.
  3. Take turns using as many cards as possible to make 10.
  4. Add, subtract, multiply, and divide so that you get to 10.
  5. Replenish cards so that you have 9 once more.
  6. Have your opponent take their turn.

Play on the go!

Because the only materials you need to play this fun math game are a deck of cards and at least one person — you could play solo — this game is easy to play in the backseat of a car when you are on a road trip, on a plane, or if you live in Redwood City and are on the train to San Francisco with your kids.  Have fun playing this great math game.

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