Counting to Big Numbers in Menlo Park

Has your Menlo Park child ever wondered how big is a googol? A googol is a number with 100 zeros. Can you imagine how large that is? I could hardly picture it, but with Can You Count to a Google? by Robert Wells your child will learn to visualize the size of gigantic numbers. Can You Count to a Googol even provides examples of when numbers that large would be appropriate to use. Starting with one and building up to a googol, your child will learn an incredibly large amount about incredibly large numbers! If you begin with one and multiply by ten, you will get ten. And if you keep multiplying by ten the number will grow rather  quickly. Before you could believe it, you will have an enormous number that is so huge you can’t even imagine it would be useful for any purpose. But Robert Wells will explain why it’s important in this book. I recommend Can You Count to a Googol to all children who are learning about large numbers and are curious about thousands and millions. If you live in the Bay Area, head over to Keplers in Menlo Park or Books Inc. in Palo Alto to get yourself a copy of Can You Count to a Googol. You won’t regret it!

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For more problems and information about math in and book recommendations, check out Palo Alto – Menlo Park Mathnasium’s website.

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