Roadtrip Math in Redwood City

It’s roadtrip season for Redwood City!

We’re about halfway through spring, and nearly at summer! It’s perfect weather for leaving Redwood City and going on roadtrips with your friends and family! To anticipate the season for roadtrips, here are some math problems you can do in your spare time to keep you sharp!

1. You leave Redwood City at 1:27pm and drive to Las Vegas, a distance of 550 miles. If you drive at 60 miles an hour the entire time, what time will you arrive in Las Vegas?

2. Your grandparents are driving down from Seattle to visit you in Redwood City! They drive at 50 miles an hour for a total of 16 hours, with no stops! How many miles did they drive?

3. You’re going on a continental roadtrip from Redwood City to Disneyworld in Florida! If it takes your car 1 gallon of gas for every 26 miles traveled, how many gallons will your car need for the entire trip? (The distance from Redwood City to Disneyworld is about 2700 miles).

4. Your family leaves Redwood City and drives 75 miles per hour for 12 hours to reach Phoenix, Arizona. Your friend, Patricia, leaves Redwood City and drives 60 miles per hour for 18 hours to reach Boise, Idaho. Who traveled the longer distance?

Road Trip Redwood City

Road Trip

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