Bedtime Math in San Carlos

San Carlos Bedtime Math Stories

The only thing I like more than math is bedtime stories at home in San Carlos! Now, I can have it all with Bedtime Math by Laura Overdeck. Featuring math word problems in fun categories like exploding foods, wild pets, extreme vehicles, sports you shouldn’t try at home, this book will appeal to kids in San Carlos with various interests! Each page features three different kinds of problems based off of a particular topic. There are three questions per page- one for wee ones, one for little ones, and one for big kids. This allows the book to be relevant for San Carlos children of most ages. In the back of the book, there are answers for each question with work showing how the answer can be obtained. The Bedtime Math series by Laura Overdeck is by far my favorite math book series!

Regardless of if your child is a math wiz or struggles with math, this book will be a fun way for them to practice math and love learning! I know your child will enjoy the book just as much as I do, so head on over to the San Carlos library or Redwood City’s Barnes and Noble book store. The math in this book will help your child succeed in math in San Carlos schools! And if you’re looking for other book recommendations and math help, go to to learn more!

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