Gelato Math in Palo Alto

A brand-new gelato cafe called Gelataio opened last August in Palo Alto on the corner of Alma and Lytton Avenue. It is the perfect place to go with your child before or after their lesson at Palo Alto – Menlo Park’s Mathnasium. Many people think ice cream and gelato is the same thing, but they actually differ a lot. Ice cream is made from more cream than milk whereas gelato is made from more milk than cream. This makes the texture of gelato and ice cream very different from one another – gelato is much more dense than ice cream. That being said, since gelato does not have as much cream, it has less fat than ice cream. If you’re in the mood for something fruity and lighter than gelato, Gelataio in Palo Alto serves sorbets as well.

gelato palo alto math

Photo by Alessio Damato via Wikimedia


Gelataio in Palo Alto

Gelataio has a range of different flavors including chocolate, baccio, hazelnut, pistachio, vanilla, and much more. Its sorbet flavors include but are not limited to strawberry, mango, raspberry, and green apple. While you are at Gelataio in Palo Alto, quiz your child on his or her math skills. Here are some fun problems to ask your child.

  1. Assume a small serving of gelato in a cone costs $4.25. If both you and your child order the small serving, and you pay with a 20 dollar bill, how much money will you get back.
  2. Gelataio is 0.7 miles away from Palo Alto – Menlo Park Mathnasium. If you drive to Gelataio after your child’s lesson at an average rate of 35 miles per hour, how long will it take you to get to the gelato shop?
  3. It takes a server 15 seconds to scoop gelato. If a worker scoops non stop for 4 hours, how many scoops did he scoop?
  4. For more problems and information about math tutoring check out Palo Alto – Menlo Park Mathnasium’s website.

For more information about Gelataio check out their website.

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