Area and Size in Palo Alto

Bigger, Better, Best by Stuart Murphy is the book for you if you want your child in Palo Alto to learn how to calculate area! Siblings are always in a competition to see who has the best room. Jilly, Jeff, and Jenny are no different! Jilly, Jeff, and Jenny are always in a disagreement to see who has the bigger, better, and best item. Who truly has the biggest room? They don’t know…until one day, they calculate the area of their rooms. Using paper to measure, they calculate the area of their windows and rooms. They take bets to see whose room is bigger. One is longer and narrower and the other room is shorter and wider. The children can’t truly tell which room is bigger until they measure the length and width of the room and find the area. Despite their guessing that one of the rooms is bigger than the others, the rooms are actually the same exact area, meaning they are the same size! Gee, were they disappointed! Bigger, Better, Best is a wonderful book for any child in the Palo Alto and Menlo Park area who is learning about area. The book will teach them how to calculate area and the importance of area in determining size.

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