Fun Learning Subtraction in Palo Alto

Subtraction Action by Loreen Leedy is the best way to teach your child in Palo Alto subtraction! The book breaks down the steps for your child so that subtraction becomes simple and easy to understand. With fantastic and colorful images, your child will be drawn into the book with different types of creative subtraction problems. Real life examples make the problems practical and easy for kids to relate to. This book will teach your child the value of subtraction in their daily life. Answers are in the back of the book ,so your child can solve the subtraction problems and check their answers right away. If your child is struggling with subtraction or needs additional practice, then Loreen Leedy’s Subtraction Action is the best book for you! I recommend this book to every child in the Palo Alto and Menlo Park area. A solid foundation of subtraction is absolutely crucial for math success in the great Palo Alto schools, so don’t wait and head over to your local book store to pick up a copy of Subtraction Action to read with your child.

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