Exploratorium Museum Visit for Menlo Park Students

While it may be hard to explore the outdoors in the winter, the perfect places for Menlo Park students to go is the Exploratorium in San Francisco! It is a great day trip to take with the family during the weekend. The Exploratorium allows everyone to interact with exhibits that deal with science, art and the human perspective. The mission statement of this museum is to change the way the world learns. The Exploratorium is only a train ride away from Menlo Park!

While at the museum, ask your Menlo Park children these math questions to get them even more engaged!

1) If you want to spend an equal amount of time in each of the six galleries, and you have 4 hours to spend with your friends from Menlo Park at the museum, how many minutes should you spend at each gallery?

2) There are 58 people in the Human Behavior gallery; how much do all of there tickets cost together if each ticket is $29?

3) If there’s an average of 1,100,000 visits to the museum annuallly, what is the average number of people per month?

We hope you have fun at the Exploratorium, Menlo Park! For many fun ways to learn math in the Stanford area, visit The Mathnasium of Palo Alto-Menlo Park.

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