Palo Alto Valentine’s Day Math

Valentine’s Day is in less than a week, Palo Alto! This day began as the celebration of an early Christian saint, but now it is a celebration of love for family and friends.

The holiday is filled with flowers, and of course chocolate! One of the favorite candies is the candy hearts with little messages. Many classrooms in Palo Alto with have celebrations for the day, and these usually include feasts of desserts.

While you are enjoying all the little sweet treats, try these Valentine’s Day related math problems!

1) If 1/4 of a candy heart box contains 23 candy hearts, how many hearts should be in the whole box?

2) Billy, from Palo Alto, eats 3 chocolates in 2 mins. If he keeps eating at this rate, how many chocolates will he have eaten in 10 minutes?

3) Ann is picking flowers, in a field in Palo Alto, to give to her mother as a Valentine’s Day present. If she wants a ratio of 3 sunflowers to 4 roses. How many roses does she need to get if she already has 6 sunflowers?

We hope you enjoy this Valentine’s Day with your loved ones and have fun doing these math problems together, Palo Alto!

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