Betcha! Estimation in Menlo Park

Betcha!, a MathStart book by Stuart J. Murphy, is a story about two friends just like you. They hear about a jelly-bean estimation contest in their Menlo Park hometown, and in hopes of winning tickets to a sports game, they decide to trek down to Planet toys (where the contest is held) and try their luck!

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You get to join in on the ride as they make their way to the toy store, stopping in various places to try out their estimation skills. As they do, they show you a logical and accurate way to estimate people on a bus in Menlo Park, cars in traffic, prices of store products, and at last, the jelly beans in the jar! But I won’t ruin the ending for you.

In order to estimate so well, the boys split the items into several sections, and use multiplication for the final result. This is a method you yourself can use whenever you need to estimate things in real life or at your school in Menlo Park. This book includes great watercolor images, and even diagrams of the items being estimated! If you want to check out this book, make sure to pay a visit to either the Menlo Park or Palo Alto children’s libraries.

For more fun ways to learn math, visit the Mathnasium of Palo Alto-Menlo Park.

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