Mathematics and Social Media for the South Bay Area: It’s Not Just You, It’s Us

People struggle with math – yes they do. We know – because we teach math! Parents stress out about math – will their children be good at it? Will they love it? Will they pass calculus?  Will they get into that great college, be it U.C. Berkeley or Stanford?

mathnasiumAnd the students struggle… Sometimes they can get really stressed out.  We know, because we see them all the time. Especially when they first come into Mathnasium of Palo Alto / Menlo Park. Our first job is often to “de-stress” the students (and the parents).

  1. Math can be fun! Yes it can!  We help make it fun, and once the stress is gone… it’s actually easier. Remember when you learned how to ride a bike, how you were so stressed out… You tried to think, think, think, and it actually made it harder?  Then once you realized riding a bike was FUN and you stopped stressing… you actually learned, better?  Well – believe it or not – math is a bit like that.  Yes it’s complicated.  But relax a bit, and you’ll learn it more easily.  (Hey parents this goes for you, too!).
  2. Math is social.  Math is social!  We can help you learn math.  You don’t have to do it “by yourself.” Even cooler, math has tons and tons and tons of history.  Like the fact that Newton literally invented calculus so he could do science.  So when you “do math” you are “standing on the shoulders of giants,” because there are lots of super smart men and super smart women who came before you.

Now, today – especially in Palo Alto and Menlo Park – we live in a digital society. There’s the Internet, and there’s social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. We’re constantly evolving and we’re using these new, fun social tools to spread the word about math.  You can do it!  It can be fun!  Stop stressing!

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