Stanford Summer Camp

Even though it is only February, it is time to start considering which summer camps to enroll your child in. There are lots of fun and interesting summer camps in Stanford, including Mathnasium. Mathnasium is a perfect summer camp because it is in proximity to Safeway and to Stanford Shopping Center, which means, as your child strengthens his or her math skills, you can pick up some groceries or enjoy some time at Stanford Shopping Center. Every summer, children go through the classic brain drain, which is when kids forget what they learned the previous year. At Mathnasium, we will make sure this doesn’t happen! We will strengthen their current math skills and help them excel in new skills as well. Also, unlike some summer camps, you get to choose the times and dates your child comes to Mathnasium. This means, your child can go to Mathnasium as well as go to a different summer camp before or after Mathnasium.



Here are some fun summer camps in Stanford your child can attend after coming or before coming to Mathnasium.

Stanford Sports Camps

This is a perfect camp a sports loving child. Children between age 5 – 18 can attend. Here, they will learn to master their skill in a sport as well as have fun and make new friends. Check out their website for a list of sports.

Education Unlimited Camp at Stanford

This camp is great for children between 4th and 12th grade. It is a perfect summer camp for those children interested in computer science, movie making, and other technology techniques.

iD Tech Camp

This camp is for 7 – 18 year olds. It is an overnight camp that teaches children how to make 2-D and 3-D video games as well as how to make websites, movies, and more!

This is just a small list of possible summer camps at Stanford this summer.

Want more? Make sure to check out our other posts about summer camps around the bay area. In addition to registering for cool camps, don’t forget to leave time for relieving summer “brain drain” at Mathnasium this summer! Visit our website at

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