Mathin’ With American Girl Dolls at Summer Math Camp in Redwood City


americangirlstarRedwood City is not only close to Palo Alto – Menlo Park Mathnasium, but it is also very close to Stanford Shopping Center. This summer, after your child’s session at Mathnasium’s summer math camp, take them to Stanford Shopping Center for a treat – to see the American Girl Doll Store. At the American Girl store you get to choose a among more than 20 different doll characters. Getting an American Girl doll is a perfect way for your child to learn about history because each doll comes from a different time in history (the dolls come with a book about the time period they are from).

Caroline Abbott Doll from 1812

Caroline Abbott Doll from 1812


americangirlstarThere are also five different types of dolls:

  • Bitty Baby- these are baby dolls that are perfect for children older than 3 years old
  • Bitty Twins – very similar to Bitty Babies, but you get two twin Bitty Baby twin dolls
  • Historical Characters – Dolls for children 8 years old or older; these dolls come with amazing and inspirational stories from their time period
  • Girl of the Year – Isabelle is the Girl of the Year (2014)
  • My American Girl – this doll is perfect if your child wants to create their own American Girl Doll. They get to design how she looks and what her story is too. This is an online option.

americangirlstarTaking your child to the American Girl Store in Palo Alto creates the perfect opportunity for your child to practice some math skills they will learn at Mathnasium’s summer math camp. While at the store, you can ask your child problems like these

  1. An American Girl Doll (historical characters) and her corresponding book costs $110. If her book costs $6.95, how much does the doll cost alone?
  2. Your child wants to get the historical character American Girl Doll. Along with the doll and book, your child wants to get the doll her Birthday Party ($28), a Nightgown ($24), and accessories ($24). How much does this cost in total? How much does this cost with tax (7.50%)?

americangirlstarClearly, the American Girl Doll store in Palo Alto is a perfect place for your child to have fun, get a beautiful doll, and brush up on their math skills.

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