Choosing a Summer Camp in Palo Alto

Summer is a time for children to have fun and do what they love. They can go to a summer camp or just relax; the options are endless. A great way for your child to spend their summer is to go to Palo Alto Mathnasium’s summer camp. Here, they will get to review what they already know, along with expand their knowledge. By coming to Palo Alto Mathnasium’s summer camp, your child will be ready to excel in math for the next school year!


Summer Activities

  1. A great way for your child to put their thinking cap on is to take them to the Tech Museum in San Jose. They have lots of really interesting exhibits and activities for your child to do. Unlike other museums, this museum involves thinking and “putting the puzzle pieces together.” It is a great way to spend a summer day with your child.
  2. Another great museum is the Exploratorium in San Francisco. Like the Tech Museum, the Exploratorium also requires cognitive thinking. Here your child will learn why things happen.

Mathnasium Summer Camp in Palo Alto

I highly suggest you to consider Mathnasium’s summer camp as an option for your child this summer. Unlike other summer camps, the time your child comes is very flexible. You can drop your child off at almost any time for an hour to learn more math. As previously said, the Mathnasium summer camp will make a huge difference in your child’s math skills for the up coming school year.

We hope to see your child this summer! For more information about Mathnasium of Palo Alto-Menlo Park and other unique word problems, visit our website at


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