Menlo Park – Rainy Day Math

California has been in a drought for the past few years, but we are finally getting the kind of rain we need! It has been raining in Menlo Park almost every day, and has given us the perfect puddles to jump in. Our umbrellas are out and our rainboots are on as we set out to brave the seemingly endless rain.

While we do need the rain, it can be hard to stay inside all the time without anything to do. Well, Menlo Park, we have the perfect indoor activity to do when the rain has gotten you down… math problems!

1) If the rain is falling at 10 meters/sec, how long would it take a single rain drop to fall 365 ft?

2) A pool is 3/4 full. If the rain fills up 1/8 of the pool that is empty, how full is the pool after the rain?

3) When Alice goes outside her house in Menlo Park, she sees a puddle that is in a perfect circle. If she measures the radius of the puddle to be 2 ft, how big is the cirfumfrence of the circle? The area?

We hope you enjoy doing these math problems while keeping warm inside in Menlo Park, but don’t forget to go out and play in the rain every once in a while!

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