Why a Math Summer Camp is Fun!

There are so many summer camps and things to do in Palo Alto and Menlo Park during the summer. Although summertime is a great time to relax, practicing math should be on the top of your child’s things to do during the summer list. If your child practices math during the summer, it will ensure a strong math start for the new year because they will not forget any math skills they learned in the previous school year. This is why you should enroll your child to Palo Alto – Menlo Park Mathnasium’s summer camp.

Palo Alto - Menlo Park Mathnasium Summer Camp

Palo Alto – Menlo Park Mathnasium Summer Camp

Mathnasium Summer Camp = Perfect Summer

Since it is summer, Mathnasium’s summer camp will teach and review math with your child while having fun. What is perfect about our summer camp is that you can choose the days to take your child to Mathnasium’s summer camp. This ensures that your child can have some days to relax and some days to brush up on their math skills. Doesn’t that just sound like a perfect summer for your child?

Math Outside of Mathnasium

Mathnasium’s summer camp is a great way for your child to review old concepts and learn new ones, but on the days that your child does not go to Mathnasium, there are lots of ways to get your child’s brain thinking and practice math skills.

  1. Take your child to their favorite restaurant. Ask them to calculate the cost of their order after tax and if applicable, after tip. See how close they get.
  2. Bake with your child! Baking is a great way to practice fractions. When a recipe calls for a cup of something, use 1/4 of a cup instead and ask your child how many 1/4 of a cup they need to make a cup.
  3. Take your child to the Exploratorium in San Francisco which is an amazing museum filled with learning.

We hope to see your child this summer! For more information about Mathnasium of Palo Alto-Menlo Park and other unique word problems, visit our website at  http://www.mathnasium.com/paloalto-menlopark

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